Faith is always thrilled to celebrate the marriage of its members, or their families. As part of the Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Los Angeles, we will celebrate the weddings of different or same gender couples.

We have the following guidelines for marriages at Faith:

  • At least one of the couple should be an active and giving member of Faith, or the child/grandchild of an active and giving member. (Other family members may be considered as well.)
  • The couple will be asked to participate in pre-marital counseling with a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, or alternative mental health professional approved by the Vicar. The counselor will be asked to provide a letter to the Vicar indicating that she or he believes that the couple is ready to enter into marriage.
  • In a situation in which one or both of the couple has been previously married or divorced, approval must be sought from the Bishop of Los Angeles. The Vicar will assist with this process.
  • We want your wedding to be wonderful, which includes the music you choose. If you choose music that is different than the traditional music of the Episcopal Church, we will need to run it by the Vicar to make sure it is appropriate.
  • If the service is a Eucharist, an offering will normally be taken, and given to the charity or cause chosen by the couple.
  • If the liturgy is at Faith, the liturgy is open to all.
  • A gift to Faith in thanksgiving for the marriage is appropriate. Please discuss an appropriate size of gift with the Vicar.
  • Active members of Faith might consider having their marriage celebrated at the main service on Sunday morning.

The marriage ceremony may take place at Faith’s building, or somewhere else. If the location is out of town, or more than 50 miles from the Vicar’s home, overnight accommodation for the nights before and after the ceremony at the location is expected, as are travel expenses.

Exceptions to these guidelines are at the Vicar’s discretion. A couple who would like to be married at Faith, but is currently not attending or is not family of a member, is encouraged to meet with the Vicar and discuss how they may become active in the life of Faith.

For further questions, or to inquire about a marriage at Faith, please email the Vicar at administrator @