GodlyPlayGodly Play is an innovative way of forming our children in the faith of Christ, based upon the teaching methods Maria Montessori pioneered. Godly Play is built upon the idea that children have an inherent sense of the divine, and that they need the language to understand, express and share that sense. Key to this is the awareness of the power of sacred story…not the texts that we have in the Bible, but the sacred stories that they tell.

At Faith, Godly Play will take place in a room specifically created for and dedicated to this use. Children are welcomed into the room by a door person, who asks them if they are ready to enter the space, and waits with them until they are. Once crossing the threshold into the sacred space, the children are invited to sit in a circle with a second adult, the story teller. Once the children are all present, the story teller leads the children through one of a multitude of sacred stories. These are told in consideration for the church year, and using high quality materials. At the end of the story, children are invited to wonder about it, and even to consider who or where they might be in the story.

After the story, children are invited to respond with their own work. This might be to work with another story, it might be to use arts/crafts materials, it might be to read, or it might be to rest. All are fine. After their work, the children are again invited into the circle, asked to share their prayers and thanksgivings, and then invited to share in a small feast.

At Faith, Godly Play begins at 9:15 a.m. Children will join their guardians and parents at around 10:10 (the Sharing of the Peace) before Communion.

You can learn more about Godly Play by visiting the webpage of the Godly Play Foundation (www.godlyplay.org),┬áby visiting the Foundation’s Youtube Page (Godly Play Foundation).