Rev. Pat Eustis


Your light shall break forth like the dawn,
and your healing shall spring up quickly.
-Isaiah 58:8

The Hebrew word to heal is tikkun, which means to heal or to mend what has been broken, to transform it.  What needs to be healed for us to feel whole?  Is it a physical healing, a spiritual healing, or a relationship that needs healing.  It is often important to identify exactly what we need healed.  Sometimes our brokenness feels cosmic, that is everything feels broken and we are in pain in many ways.  That’s when it is important to remember that nothing is outside of the healing hands of God.

This past week, I asked, in fact I begged for bodily healing.  I had injured my back and had a great deal of difficulty walking and moving.  I even found it hard to sleep at night, so of course my ability to think clearly was impaired.  I tried praying but found it beyond my ability.  That was when I turned to the psalms.  For me, the psalms are restorative.  I have used them in anger, in sadness, in joy and thanksgiving and I know that their authors meant for them to be used in these ways.

It was fun to come in to church on Sunday and hear  Psalm 91 and then to sing that lovely hymn “Eagles Wings.”  That hymn has always had special meaning for me, it was a Hymn my daughter insisted I sing to her when she was young.  It is still her favorite.

Find a Psalm that helps heal you.  Read it out loud.  The Psalm were meant to be read out loud or to be sung.  As your voice soars aloft you will feel yourself rising in peace and even joy.  In this action you may feel healed and even transformed.

Prayer (by Joyce Rupp)

Healing God.
come to my hidden corners,
open the doors to my soul rooms
that are tightly locked

Awaken in me.
Bring to life all my deadness.
Enthuse the depressed emotions.
Reenergize my inner weariness.
Bathe the grime
of my ego-centeredness.
Clarify my confusions.
Fire my neglected loves.
Brush off my dusty dreams.
Nurture my spiritual hungers.
Ease my sore relationships.
Deepen my sense of self-esteem.
Stir up my connection with the world.

Tenderly gather in your arms
all that still needs heal,
all that remains wounded and wanting.
May I grow each day
into great wholeness
with a stronger, purer, inner freedom.