I’m a jotter down of catch phrases, interesting sayings, and stories. I have a couple books of sayings, songs, prayers, and stories that I’ve collected since I was a young girl. Often, I have Lenten readings that are, to me, really meaningful and I go back to them often. The following one is from Women Why Are You Weeping: A Lenten Companion for Women, edited by Theresa Johnson Borchard. It is the short meditation on trust. I find I’m constantly relearning how to trust everyone, including God. So I offer this if you also are learning to trust.

Blessed are those who trust in the Lord,
Whose trust is the Lord.” Jeremiah 17:7

“Not long ago, during Sunday morning worship, I saw a young man holding his infant daughter in his arms. The little one seemed fascinated with her father’s voice. She had placed her face square in front of his and was watching his lips. The young man was swinging rhythmically with the music, almost dancing with his child. Gurgling with delight, she placed her little fingers on his lips and finally put almost her entire hand into his mouth, totally secure in his love. The image of this child’s joy and safety in her father’s presence was a powerful prayer experience for me.

“I wonder if what prevents so many of us from letting ourselves be free, or at least, what seems to make it so difficult for us to accept the resurrection process, is not a deep-down insecurity, a fear and mistrust of God’s blessings. Our contemporary Christian dislike and misunderstanding of pain seems matched only by our suspicion of happiness even, paradoxically, as we crave it.”
— Barbara Fiand