You can do very little with faith,  but you can do nothing without it.  – Samuel Butler

Jesus was a healer.  He passed that gift on to his disciples who became the church.  Here at Faith, we claim that ministry.

We practice forgiveness and create moments of serenity and peace which aid our well-being. We find healing in sharing the sacrament of the bread and wine and in the laying on of hands.

 All are welcome.

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Bishop’s Committee

The Bishop’s Committee is the governing body of a mission congregation. The members are elected at the Annual Meeting and serve a three-year term. The Bishop’s Warden is appointed by the Bishop at the recommendation of the Vicar. The People’s Warden is elected by the Committee. The work of the Bishop’s Committee embraces the financial and business affairs of the congregation as well as the development and nurture of its vision. The Committee meets monthly.

Cindy Louter, Bishop’s Warden
Geof Farnsworth, People’s Warden
Janet Chisholm, Church Treasurer
Lorelei Auld
Ralph Behrsin
Kathleen Costello
Mike Dmytriw
Barbara Kimler
Lisa Pickford

Outreach Team
The Church exists to be a part of the transformation of the world. Christians are called to respond to a broken world and be a part of making it better. This team is responsible for finding creative ways to direct our outreach budget locally, nationally and globally. Particular focus on hands-on ministries will engage the greatest numbers and make the greatest difference.

  • Hands of Grace Community Outreach Dinners
    Our neighbors at Mission Lutheran Church, Laguna Niguel Presbyterian Church, Laguna Niguel Stake LDS, and the Baha’i Community share this outreach that helps families who have recently lost their homes. We provide a nutritious meal, information, and referrals for services and help.
    Doors open at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesdays.
    More information here.
  • Habitat for Humanity. All ages are finding their own way to be a part of the growing Habitat for Humanity projects in Orange County.
  • South County Outreach. A nonprofit, non-sectarian organization devoted to preventing hunger and homelessness and providing assistance to families in crisis.

Worship Team

All of the traditional worship ministries fall within the scope of this team.



Under the direction of Susan Parr, Faith’s choir provides the musical leadership during regular Sunday worship and do extra duty during the major festivals of Christmas and Easter. Currently, rehearsals are held at 8:30 before the service with extra rehearsal for the weeks ahead after the service. The Faith Bell Choir is a regular addition to worship music. This intergenerational group is open to anyone: the more hands we have, the more chimes we can use. Any interested singers or bell ringers should talk to Susan Parr.

Altar Guild
DSC_0001Under the leadership of Betty Mitchell and Lorelei Auld, the altar guild lovingly cares for the altar, vessels, linens, candles and those challenging seasonal banners that need to be changed every time the color changes! Keeping up with worship on Wednesday and Sunday takes many hands and the Guild welcomes anyone who is interested.

Children carrying heavy objects and fire — who says church can’t be exciting! Acolyte training always involves pizza.

Chalice Bearers
All those interested in being a part of service at the Lord’s Table should make themselves known to the Bishop’s Committee.

Floral Guild
Anyone interested in arranging and/or arranging for flowers to grace our services is welcome to participate.

Fellowship Team
Faith has a strong tradition of lively fellowship activities. They are an important part of who we are. Under the direction of Lorelei Auld and Amy Shimizu, this team creates the yearly schedule of fun and identifies those who will help with the efforts, such as:

  • Coffee Hour is the mainstay of Fellowship. Teams are responsible for a regular Sunday each month. Word has it that Faith has the best Coffee Hour anywhere!
  • Christmas Brunch
  • Special Events and Services such as funerals and congregation events.


Congregational Support Team
Care for our own members who may be homebound, hospitalized or in any way in need of the attention of a loving community.

Children’s Programs
See Godly Play.

Church Growth Team
Faith is a treasure waiting to be discovered in our community. Sharing our blessings with others and being blessed by them is a part of our mission. Our ushers are the first point of contact with newcomers – they are critical to setting a tone of welcome. This team considers how we spread the word through advertising and special initiatives. All ideas are welcome and considered.

Stewardship Team
Stewardship is more than financial support for the church; it is a way of life that recognizes God as the source of all that we have. Being good stewards means to consider carefully what we do with our time and our talents as well as our treasure, doing right with what is God’s. The Stewardship Team meets quarterly to assess how Faith is tending the time, talents and treasure of this congregation and how well we live up to our Mission Statement. The Annual Pledge Campaign is an activity of the Stewardship Team, along with education about stewardship.


Faith, the experiment of our Lord.
-Emily Dickinson